I apologize for the slow activity on the blog and on YouTube. It's been a busy time for me. Back to normal after July 15th.

Updates On PCB Board Designs, YouTube And The Blog

DX Explorer updates on PCB board designs, the YouTube videos and the DX Explorer blog for the months of August and September 2023.
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I wanted to post some DX Explorer updates and let you know why some things are moving a bit slower lately. This is both for the YouTube videos and the blog articles. The most important for me was to also give you a bit of extra info on why so slow with the PCB board designs. No worries, I will slowly catch up with everything. I am also updating the blog articles together with the PCB board designs. Slowly all the older files folders will be replaced with new ones.


Usually I like posting a weekly videos, most of the time. Unfortunately I could not achieve this. This especially that lately after many years wanting to get back into photography, I finally got to do it. So now I am a full time photographer, using the free time for anything related to DX Explorer. The good news is that I have a long list of projects I want to work on and make videos about. We will sure not get bored until the end of the year.

All I need from your side is a little patience so I put things in order, to make my life easier. This will also help me get a little free time for myself as well. Time that I plan on using for amateur radio. I really miss getting on air and making QSO’s. It seems I no longer have time to enjoy the hobby.


If you read the articles, you know that on all the project videos I like designing PCB boards. You can find and download the files in each article. You can make your own PCB boards using the toner transfer method. Many blog readers or YouTube subscribers asked about buying PCB boards. Now are able to order boards. See the DX Explorer Projects page on PCBWay, for all the PCB board designs available at the moment for you to order. I am constantly updating the project files.


Now being so busy, not so sure about how fast I can do the updates on each article. But I will still try to use my free time and offer you the chance to order your boards as I promised. I kind of like the idea myself. I wasted way too much time building homebrew PCB boards. Is fun for a one time project. Is not fun at all when friends ask for PCB boards and you must replicate them constantly. Drilling the holes only, is something I dislike a lot.

Once again thanks for your patience and understanding. Of course a big thanks to you all for sticking around both on YouTube and here on the blog. Makes me feel that all the work I put into both, is worth the effort. Thanks to those supporting DX Explorer with PayPal donations. I really appreciate this, especially now  since I will remove the ads in the blog articles.

Most probably from December 1th 2023, I will no longer serve Google ads on the website anymore. It did helped me a little to have some extra money coming in to support the Blog and pay the bills for the server, or components I need for the projects. But the amount of info Google extracts from the visitors is insane. For that reason besides YouTube, I will slowly get rid of all services related to Google. I don’t need to track anything as I am not Google ( ha ).

73, YO6DXE

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