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SWL Contest With Nice Prizes Open Worldwide

If you are a shortwave listener and you would like to win some prizes, here is a contest you may be interested in. November 1th to December 31th 2023.
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Are you a shortwave listener ? If you are and you would like to also win some prizes, here is a contest you may be interested in. Open worldwide from November 1th to December 31th 2023. No registration required. This SWL contest is to encourage listening to medium wave and shortwave radios stations all over the world. Read more about the contest, the rules and prizes offered on the SLW Contest Page, offered to you by Frank – F14368.



01 November 2023 to 31 December 2023.

Registration is not required. Send your list of countries you have listened to, after the end of the contest but no later than January 10th 2024. This SWL contest is to encourage listening to medium wave and shortwave AM radios stations. The contest is open to participants from all over the world. You must respect the rules and remember that the organizer relies on your honesty. If you don’t respect the SWL contest rules your list will not be accepted. 

You can use your radio receiver, your antennas or your SDR on your computer and antennas but it is also possible to use a WEB or WebSDR. The SDR must be always at the same location. I explained a little in the video above and I hope it makes sense why this is important.

Example if you use the Web SDR in Twente Netherlands Europe you must make all your listening from this web SDR on SW and MW. You can choose to use Web SDR in Europe or on another continent. It’s not necessary the kiwi or web SDR to be on your continent. If you are in Asia, you can use a web or kiwi SDR in North America. Pick the SDR you want to use and that is the only one you will use for the entire duration of the contest.


As I explained in the video, I didn’t know you can get a SWL callsign before I got my amateur radio callsign. I think it must be nice to also participate in contests. Winning a prize is also fun, but I think the hobby itself is even more fun. I remember how many log pages I had from listening to amateur radio stations on my Sputnik Regenerative Receiver

If you can afford and you would like to become a sponsor, feel free to contact Frank and see how you could help. Any equipment related to shortwave listening would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you are an amateur radio operator, remember that we all started by listening to stations from all over the world. Why not support some possible future amateur radio operators.

Good luck to all participants and feel free to spread the word to SWL’s around the world.

73, YO6DXE

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