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One of the best ways to support me is to continue reading the articles. I try my best to write them in a way that each article is well explained. I spend a lot of time trying to make sure I have as much information as possible, so it will be easy for you to build equipment and everything will work well from the first try. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date with the new articles. Leave a comment on the articles, it means a lot to me. Simply say hello, or let me know if you tried a particular schematic and if you like it or not. If you had issues and solved them, write about that too. It will help others to solve their issues. I do my best to answer all emails with issues, but comments also help a lot.


At first I only started with the videos on the YouTube Channel. I hope you like the videos and my journey in this wonderful hobby, while trying to learn more and more. I had great support from you all from the beginning, and I very much appreciate that. If you haven’t yet, another way to support me is to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and share the videos with your friends. Put a thumbs up if you liked the video and leave a comment. I always smile when I see a new comment, and I’m always happy to reply back to you when I have a little free time. Now that I’m finally a licensed amateur radio operator, I can also post videos about using the equipment I’m building as well. I hope you will like the videos and thank you for sticking around.


Components are like a gold mine to someone like me. Used equipment that I can fix and use is just the same. So thank you all that are supporting me by sending me all those surprise packages. You always making me feel like a little kid receiving presents for no reason. Please have a look on the bottom of the page as I have a special thank you to some of the people that are constantly supporting me this way.


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