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Printable QSO Logbook Template For Amateur Radio

A printable QSO logbook template for amateur radio, in A4 paper format, for portable work. Excellent if we don't have access to a computer to log the QSO's.
Printable QSO Logbook Template - A4 Paper Format

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I designed the printable QSO logbook because even if I use a software to log all my contacts, I still like to have a paper logbook. You never know when the computer will crash. But the most I use it when portable, as I don’t use a computer. I don’t like using the phone to log my contacts. If I go portable, is to spend time in nature, trying to stay away from the phone. If I want to pack very minimal, this paper logbook comes in handy. It also makes a good backup for all the contacts.


I tried keeping the QSO logbook simple, with fields for the basic info we need. You don’t even have to use all if you don’t want to. We can update a lot of the information later on when transferring the paper log into the computer. For that reason I also placed the “Log” field. You can place a checkmark after you transferred the QSO’s into the computer. The name field I rarely use, as most of the time it will automatically update in the logging software.

On top and bottom of the logbook template you have fields to be completed with your own info. These are also optional if you go on air with the same equipment from the same location all the time. Your name and callsign are also optional, especially if you are the only operator. I hope you find it as useful as I do. I had a bunch of them printed, keeping them close on my desk.

Download the printable QSO logbook template and print as many copies as you want. When portable, this is the only way I log my contacts. After I get home I transfer all the contacts in the computer with patience. I think in the future I will also design one in an A5 paper format. It will be more like a notebook size, even easier to pack. The template will only have a few minimal and basic fields to log QSO’s. The rest of the info we can get it automatically when logging the contacts into the computer. This one will be for my amateur radio friends into SOTA and POTA.


I do not have the time now to do this, but I would like to backup all my contacts into a paper format logbook. I don’t think the entire internet will crush completely too soon. Still I would like to have a backup. At the end for me a QSO is like a memory, or a visit to a friend’s house. For that reason besides the QSL Card, I would really like to keep the “memory” as well. 

Let me know if you would need any other designs related to amateur radio / ham radio. When I have some free time I would be more than happy to do this for the blog readers. I am not a master in design or graphic design, but there are many people that may not have the software needed or the know how on using the software. So if I can help… why not.

Talking about designs, I will try to do a little collection of printable QSL card designs. No need to edit them on a computer, but fill up the info by hand. It will take me a while do prepare them, but I hope I can cover pretty much every taste on the design part. I hope you will like them.

73, YO6DXE

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