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Kaiweets KM602 Smart Digital Multimeter

The Kaiweets KM602 smart digital multimeter, the perfect tool for hobbyists like me. Packed with great features, is a good quality tool at a reasonable price.
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Here you have the link to the product and a few features of the multimeter:

  • Rechargeable internal battery,
  • Smart Mode,
  • Auto-ranging & Accurate Measurement,
  • Non-contact Voltage Detection,
  • Temperature Measurement.

Kaiweets KM602 Product


This smart multimeter enters the AUTO mode by default. In AUTO ( smart ) mode, the multimeter will automatically measure voltage, resistance, and continuity. It can identify the measurement content and select the range with the best resolution, making the measurement more convenient and faster.

So far this is one of my favorites features on this smart digital multimeter. It makes my workflow faster.


The KM602 has a 1200 mAh rechargeable built-in battery. The multimeter will last longer. And what’s more convenient is that you no longer need to replace the battery manually. I find this feature to be great, especially when using it portable. No need to run and find replacement batteries anymore.

Kaiweets KM602


The Kaiweets KM602 multimeter is suitable for diagnosing automotive, industrial, and household electrical problems. It will accurately measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity, AC and DC current, capacitance, frequency, diode, duty cycle, temperature, NCV, and live wire.


It has two fuses to protect against burnout and overload. Overvoltage protection, anti-high voltage circuit. The soft silicone case protects it if dropped by accident. I plan on doing a lot of portable amateur radio expeditions, it fits perfectly in the backpack, thanks to the small size. I can use any USB port / battery pack to recharge it if needed. The Kaiweets KM601S is my workbench day to day multimeter. 

The automatic ( smart ) mode is still one of my favorite features. It allows me to do fast measurement with ought changing knobs or settings.  Now I can go portable relaxed, as I have a trusty “friend” with me. Don’t forget to use the 15% exclusive discount on all Kaiweets products using the coupon code DX15.


If you are watching videos on my YouTube channel, then you know I usually don’t like digital or smart technology. A funny side story… when Kaiweets contacted me long time ago to make a review for a similar multimeter, I refused. At that time I didn’t know about Kaiweets either. I also didn’t know that the quality of the products is great, for the affordable price.

And here I am today, impressed by this multimeter, using smart / digital technology. But at the end, having good measurement equipment and quality tools, is always important when building amateur radio gear.

Thanks to the Kaiweets tools right now, my circuits got better thanks to the more accurate measurements. I still do not want to build circuits using digital technology, or at least use as little as possible, but I am impressed by the tools. Thank you one more time Kaiweets for supporting me this way. Is means a lot to me.

73, YO6DXE

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