Quick Look At The JCD Soldering Iron Kit

The best hobby soldering iron ? A quick look at the JCD soldering iron kit and why I like it so much. Great quality for a hobby soldering kit under $20.
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A quick look at the JCD soldering iron kit and why I like it so much. How many of you had to deal with cheap soldering irons that did not last too long. The bad part is that usually they let you down when you need them the most. I had the same issue recently, the reason why I didn’t do any new project videos. Here is one affordable hobby soldering kit that I think is worth the money. Available both with EU plug or US plug if you want to order one. A soldering iron kit under $20 and it also has temperature adjustment. If you are interested in other products, there is a lot more in the “treasure chest”, the PCBWay Gifts Store.


The JCD Soldering iron kit I order is with the EU plug. It powers from 220V and has 80W of power. The adjustable temperature level is one of my favorite features. There are many hobby soldering stations that come with an adjustable temperature power supply. The reason I don’t like those is that they are bulky and take a little more space on the desk. Here you have a few specifications of the EU plug JCD soldering iron kit I purchased.

  • Voltage: AC220-240V;
  • Power: 80W; 
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz; 
  • Temperature Range: 180~500℃ / 356~932℉;
  • Temperature Stability: ±5℃;   
  • Heating Type: Wmore;
  • Ceramics Element Soldering Iron Tips: 900M-B1.2; 
  • Wire Length: 1.4m / 55.12in; 
  • Soldering Iron Size: Approx.242*25*25mm / 9.6*0.98*0.98in; 
  • Soldering Iron Weight: Approx.96g / 3.4oz; 
  • Package Size: Approx. 254*55*35mm / 10*2.2*1.4n;
  • Package Weight: Approx. 500g.


The kit includes: a soldering iron holder, a desoldering pump, solder, a wire stripper, tweezers and spare soldering tips in different shapes and sizes. This is an excellent kit for beginners or hobbyists. I am not a professional in building electronics, so an expensive kit is really not for me. This will do just fine.


The temperature is adjustable and it can be set really easy using the buttons placed on the handle. Very easy to adjust the temperature while soldering. This again, is my favorite feature so far as I always had power related issues on my older soldering irons.


I know that experienced people told me to invest in an expensive good quality soldering iron. No doubt that is true that sometimes quality comes for a price. But why spend so much money when I can still purchase a good quality one for a fraction of the price ? I would rather invest the rest of the money in measurement equipment or testers. The JSD soldering iron kit is all I need at this time and I am really happy about it. So again, thank you PCBWay for saving my day.

Remember if ordering PCB boards related to any projects posted here on the blog, have a look in the PCBWay Gifts Store as well. I have a long Wishlist of products that I want and I will order them in time, together with the PCB boards I need. This way I get all in one package. I hope you will like it as much as I do. For the price is really worth the money and I am really happy about it.


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