My First Steps In Amateur Radio / Ham Radio

How do you make your first steps in amateur radio / ham radio ? I will answer the same question, but I am also curious about how did you started in the hobby ?
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A bonus video as a way from me to say Thank You for subscribing to the YouTube Channel and for visiting the blog. I wanted to make this video for a long time as an introduction, but I was always more excited to build stuff. How did you started in amateur radio / ham radio ? A question I will also answer in the video. But feel free to leave me a comment with your own story. I would love to hear about your first steps into the hobby. So far I received a few emails with some fascinating stories that made me realize, our stories are very much alike, no matter the age.


In the video above, I tried sharing a little part of my story. I wanted to keep it short so I won’t turn it into some documentary film about my life. Thank you one more time to you all for all the views, likes, subscriptions and for visiting the DX Explorer Blog. I really appreciate that and it means a lot to me. It feels nice to see that the work I put into all the articles and videos is appreciated. I will let you enjoy the video instead of writing a long article. Free time is a treasure in this hobby.

Don’t be shy and leave a comment with your own story. It was a pleasure to read the stories I received in my email, or in the comments on the YouTube video. I’m sure other readers would love to hear about them too. We can all share wonderful memories about the amateur radio hobby. Some of them were really funny I have to admit. What I love the most is that we all come from different places, lifestyles, professional or religions backgrounds… and still we get along amazingly well. I made amazing friends thanks to the passion for amateur radio / ham radio, from all over the world. It feels like a have family relatives all around the world.

The only community where I felt just as welcomed and well treated and respected, is the wonderful sailing community. I must tell you that I am happy to be surrounded by such wonderful and helpful people both online, as in real life. I know that no community is perfect and there are also the “not so nice people”, but those are not many.


If the entire world would follow our example, we would have a much better life I tell you that. Even though at the time I’m writing this words I still don’t have my amateur radio license, I always felt like I was part of the amateur radio community. Many of you helped me at times when I needed help, answering many of my questions and helped me understand the electronic circuits.

Some of you even sent me parts, components, kits or books. You made me feel like a little child receiving presents. I will be glad to also do the same as you later on, to help other people making their first steps into the wonderful radio waves world. Is 2023 now when I am updating this article, finally having an amateur radio license as well. This happened thanks to you and the help I received. Some people insisted so much to get my license faster, that I ended up going to quite an adventure to get licensed. But it happened and I thank you all for that.


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