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A blog dedicated to those making their first steps into the amateur radio hobby. If you like building homebrew amateur radio equipment, this is the place for you.

DX Explorer

Welcome to DX Explorer, a blog dedicated to those passionate about the amateur radio hobby, especially to those into building homebrew amateur radio equipment. Most of the articles are meant for those making their first steps into the hobby.

I’m no expert either, as I’m also learning constantly. But I love building my own equipment and hopefully the more experienced people will also come with advice and help in fixing different issues along the building process. The best way to learn is from mistakes.

DX Explorer

Ciprian Popica

I am passionate about amateur radio since childhood, but only in 2016 I got back into the hobby, while still living aboard my sailboat. I passed my amateur radio exam and received my license in 2022. I like QRP and QRPP mostly. I like experimenting with all modes, traditional or digital. But in general I am old school so I prefer SSB or CW ( still learning the code ).

I like building my own equipment. There is a particular satisfaction for me in using homebrew gear. I’m not an expert, but I do my best to learn new things and improve my knowledge.

The best part of the hobby, is that I made great friends from all over the world, it feels like I have family relatives everywhere around the world. I think that’s amazing and that maybe people would have something to learn from the amateur radio community and the way we get along and help each other. I very much appreciate how helpful people are in this hobby. That is also why I’ve learned so much in such a short time. I am proud and happy to be part of such a wonderful community.

Most of the equipment I’m building is here on the blog and on the YouTube Channel



I created accounts on most used websites out of respect for the other amateur radio operators, so they can have a confirmation for the QSO, in case they are running for any of the awards. I will constantly update my log and confirm the QSO’s ( all modes ) on: eQSL, LOTW, CLUBLOG, HRDLOG, HAMQTH, QRZ, and QRZCQ.

For SSB, CW and SAT I will send a personalized QSL card by email on request. Please request a QSL card by email on my contact page. You can print it and keep it as a traditional QSL card. I opted to send it by email as is cheaper and we can avoid the postal taxes. This way we can use those money for equipment instead.


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