I am passionate about amateur radio since childhood, but I received my license only in 2022. I like QRP mostly. I am old school, so I prefer SSB or CW.


Welcome to DX Explorer, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to those passionate about amateur radio. Especially to those into building homebrew radio gear. Most of the articles are meant for those making their first steps into the amateur radio hobby.

HF Transceiver



I am passionate about amateur radio since childhood, but I received my license only in 2022. I like QRP mostly. I am old school, so I prefer SSB or CW.

I like building my own equipment. There is a particular satisfaction for me in using homebrew gear. I prefer simple circuits that do not require very large budgets. I am always amazed by the results obtained with just a few components. Because over time I worked a lot with digital equipment, in amateur radio I prefer everything to be analog.

The best part of the hobby, is that I made great friends from all over the world. It feels like I have family relatives everywhere around the world. Maybe people could learn from the amateur radio community about the way we get along and help each other. I appreciate a lot how helpful people are in this hobby. That is also why I’ve learned so much in a short time.

Most of the equipment I’m building is here on the blog and on the YouTube Channel.

QTH – Prejmer
Latitude – 45° 43′ 32” N
Longitude – 25° 46′ 1” E
Grid Square – KN25vr
ITU Zone – 28
CQ Zone – 20

Prejmer is a commune in Brașov County, Transylvania – Romania, located 18 km ( 11 mi ) northeast of Brașov, the Olt River passes through the commune. 

The town of Prejmer near the castle had begun development by 1225, and was the easternmost settlement of the Transylvanian Saxons. Prejmer was repeatedly invaded by various groups, including the Mongols, Tatars, Hungarians, Ottoman Turks, Cossacks, and Moldavians. However, the castle was only captured once, by Gabriel Báthory in 1611.


I have accounts on most used websites, to confirm the QSO in case you are running for any awards. I will constantly update my log and confirm the QSO’s ( all modes ) on: eQSL, LOTW, CLUBLOG, HRDLOG, HAMQTH, QRZ, and QRZCQ.

For SSB, CW and SAT I will send a personalized QSL card by email on request. Please request a QSL card by email on my contact page. You can print it and keep it as a traditional QSL card. I opted to send it by email as is cheaper and we can avoid the postal taxes.



Mostly kit builds or 100% home made.
  • tr(u)SDX: CW / SSB Transceiver – 5W;
  • QRPGuys AFP-FSK Digital Transceiver III – 5W;
  • Tidradio TD-H8: VHF / UHF Transceiver – 10W;
  • Baofeng UV-B5: VHF / UHF Transceiver – 5W;
  • Forty 9er: CW Transceiver – 2W;
  • Pixie: CW Transceiver – 700mW;
  • QSO Labs W1FB Pixie: CW Transceiver – 700mW;
  • Pititico II:  CW Transceiver – 700mW;
  • Michigan Mighty Mite: CW Transmitter – 500mW;
  • Ten Minutes Transmitter: CW Transmitter – 800mW;
  • Minimalist Transmitter: CW Transmitter – 700mW;
  • Yaesu FRG: HF Receiver;
  • Sputnik Regenerative Receiver – 40m Band;
  • N1TEV Shortwave Regenerative Receiver – HF;
  • roWaves Lidia DC Receiver – 80m Band;
  • Kanga Products Little Roo DC Receiver – 40m Band;
  • roWaves RBA-03 Airband Receiver.


Mostly 100% home made.
  • EFHW 8010: 80m to 10m Band;
  • EFHW 4010: 40 to 10m Band;
  • DX Vertical: 20m Band;
  • DK7ZB Yagi: VHF / UHF;
  • Vertical Dipole: VHF / UHF;
  • roWaves Portable RX Magnetic Antenna.