DX EXPLORER - Step Into The Amateur Radio World

Step Into The Amateur Radio World

DX Explorer is a blog dedicated to those passionate about amateur radio, especially to those into building homebrew radio gear.

Amateur radio blog promoting the hobby to younger generations. Browse through articles on: schematics, reviews, homebrewing and much more.


Check out the DX Explorer Projects page on PCBWay, for all the PCB designs available at the moment. I am constantly updating the project files with the latest versions of the designs. Most projects presented in the blog articles will have a PCB design available.


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A YouTube channel for those making their first steps into the hobby. I am trying to provide useful videos while also learning together with you. Stay up to date with the latest videos !

Play Video about Sputnik Regenerative Receiver by DX Explorer
RADIO Magazine - rowaves.com



“RADIO” magazine is a monthly publication for those passionate about amateur radio and beyond. A magazine edited for wireless communications enthusiasts, with verified constructions, especially for beginners.

Available only in Romanian at the moment !